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Model: 1988 Mini Mayfair
Name: Dipstick
Owner: Neal Whitford
Spec: 998cc with stage1 kit, hi-los and spax suspension front and rear, w&p arches, superlight or revolution 5.5*12 wheels (any suggestions which to choose?)
Extras: rear companion boxes have been removed to allow the seats to be mounted further back so that my not-so-tall 6 foot frame can fit in comfortably- i swear i was shorter when i drove it! rear seats are next to useless anyway!
Comments: after 3 years storage after i wrote it off, my mini is getting back into one piece! Everything is back together and the car has an MOT at last! have to replace a rear brake cylinder and put some decent wheels on it to fill the arches, then tax and insure it! YAY!
Parked: This car is parked in Parking Lot 1

This car joined the Park on Thu, January 1, 1970

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