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Model: 1973 Morris Mini 850cc
Name: 'Speed Racer'
Owner: Matthew Rickman (aka Biggles of the Camel Squadron, aka Red Leader)
Spec: 998cc, Stage 2 Modified Unleaded Cooper 997 Head, High Lift Rollers, 731 Cam, Stage 1 Minisport Kit, Duplex Timing Chain, etc etc.
Extras: MiniFins, Ceiling Console, Speed stripes...heheheh
Comments: 19.5 second 1/4 mile. Fastest 998cc in Fiji. Participated in 2 cop chases. Blown 3 head gaskets. Brakes failed twice. Spun out once.
Parked: This car is parked in Parking Lot 1

This car joined the Park before 25th November 2000.

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"Speed Racer"

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