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Model: 1984 Mayfair (Heavily Modified)
Name: 'Borris'
Owner: Scott Beavis, Hampshire, UK
Web Page: More Pics & Mini Stuff
Spec: 1310cc GT block/box, 276 cam, stage 2 head, twin 1.75" carbs
Extras: Front rad, full cage, corbeau hi-back buckets, 10x6 minilights, grooved S discs, neg camber, adj susp., etc etc etc!
Comments: Originally a rusty standard black mini mayfair. Borris has been hacked and bodged into a super fast RS-Turbo munching street racer. This car spends more time off the road than on, and will never be 'finished'. It will feature in miniworld one day!
Parked: This car is parked in Parking Lot 1

This car joined the Park before 25th November 2000.

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