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Welsh Rarebit Minis

Parking Lot

She doesn None as yet... Unnamed Baby Chris [unnamed]
homey Boris Stu Herbie Jo Ethel
Jonathan Rob John Wilbur Simon Auto Petite
Max Bob Grants mini Auto Petite Ian Diana Moon Glampers IV
Barry & Margaret Dave & Pam Max (The Italian Stallion) Kelvin Richard Muffy
Morris the Mini Geraint Gareth Ifor Graham Lucy
Rhys Tom Marvin Saffie Sioned Kay
Moo Eric The Babester Auto Petite The Shemanator Simon
Nick Dianna Dan & Claire Marcel Darryl Milo
Stephen Malcolm Bob Elaine Beth Davids
Peter Orange Squash Shortie Lee Eric Mk1
George Clarri Graham & Karen Lee Roger Len
Mo Craigs Mini 30 Black Mini 30 Mini me Mark Aled

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